My new course 8 week course : Inspired by the arts of Asia

I was recently asked by one of my clients to create a bespoke transformational course to help them get into shape. Me being me, I couldn’t just create any course. So I looked at what I enjoyed about many different arts and practices and I felt very inspired to venture down the route of teachings that I have recently been incorporating in my classes.

I’m incorporating aspects of my own culture and upbringing into my classes more and more; so this is what has inspired me to create this 8 week course.


I have always been fascinated my Asian culture but it took me a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin. I grew up in a town that lacked diversity and it made me want to hide my culture and I resented it until I met a half Thai boy in my first year of University. Since then I have fully embraced my culture.


I even did a DNA test lats year to see what I was genetically made up of:

Course content below



Firstly, I don’t believe in get fit quick regimes or shredding diet plans. The reason is that they are unsustainable. You must understand the reason why you aren’t feeling how you want to feel. This is key as well; feeling good vs looking good. 

My course is about creating rituals around your current daily routines, letting go of a few unhealthy habits and bringing joy and happiness into your lives as well as your family. 

The first rule about my course is that I won’t shout at you and I won’t keep you accountable, but i’ll invite you to keep yourself accountable with me as a witness. This is about choice and you need to have ownership over everything. You can stop the course at any point and I encourage clear communication at all stages. 


Gratitude, Visualisation and rituals are an integral part of my life and this is an imperative part of the course. 


This is fundamentally a yoga course that is structured using the teachings of the Chakras and woven into this are the philosophies of Taoism, Feng Shui from China with Kintsugi and Wabi sabi from Japan. 


You cannot fight trauma with trauma; which is why I won’t be battering you into shape. I will be encouraging you to connect with yourself. I will also not be using any usual industry terms like ‘diet’ or ‘get fit’ or ‘lose weight’. I also encourage you to throw your scales away. 


I have created this course for busy people; especially mums. Therefore I will be requiring only two hours of your time a week for 1-2-1’s and then the rest of the course will fit around things you already do. The course includes a podcast a week to listen to as well as tasks that can be done along side your life. If you change too much it becomes completely unsustainable.

After the course: 

The course is designed to get you on track mentally, physically and emotionally and it is your choice what you do after. If you want to stay on as a client this is ok but the course is designed to empower you to create your own wellness in your life and keep it going. 

E-mail me to talk about availability or if you have any questions

Loni x