EFFERVESCENCE (Foundations & Progressions) with Kyle Weiger – Global Handstand Coach

2:00 – 4:00pm  13/14th March

Kyle will be joining us virtually & live from Colorado to bring you ‘EFFERVESCENCE’ – Handstand Workshop series. Kyle got into adult gymnastics at the age of 30 and went from hardly being able to hold a handstand to free holding one for two minutes fifteen seconds. He taught his 60 year old mum to handstand! He is one of the world’s best

This class is 2 x 120 minute beginners & advanced classes handstand workshop.

One ticket per house hold.

Check out Kyle’s Blog  – “It’s never too late to handstand” 

£25 per class (or £40 for both) Option to add handstand board after you book the class

Foundation Workshop


£40 workshop combo